Get Wired

Building a new home provides a unique opportunity (before the sheetrock goes up) to plan for future needs as emerging technologies and services are offered. A Home Automation-Ready (HA-Ready) home from The Audio Video Pros contains a wiring infrastructure that means every room; from the front porch to the backyard and from the basement to the attic is wired for whole house audio/video, home theater, internet, telecommunications, cable and/or satellite TV, home computer networking, climate control, security, lighting control and even shade control. As the next generation tech-savvy home buyer is considering a home purchase your HA-Ready home will be more attractive and will have a higher resale value against those without.

Home Automation

You no longer have to wait, the future can be yours now. The roman shades descend, lights dim, music begins to play and your home is at the perfect temperature. A Home Automation system from The Audio Video Pros integrates a smart, intuitive touchscreen with the most important functions of your home providing control of your lighting, audio, video, security, heating and cooling systems, window treatments and much more. If you’re interested in practicality and convenience a Home Automation system is a must.

Lighting Control

How many times have you come home and turned on ten light switches just to get from one room to the another? With a Lighting Control system from The Audio Video Pros, you can set lighting “scenes” with a single button touch. Tap the “home” button to turn on the mudroom lights, the kitchen lights and the hallway lights going to the bedrooms. Tap the “party” button and watch as your interior lighting dims to the perfect level proving a comfortable atmosphere just before your guests arrive.

Home Theaters

Great Home Theater is more than just great equipment. It’s an experience, it’s a time machine, it’s a getaway. Great Home Theater puts you in the moment on the screen in front of you. Whether you want to enjoy a new DVD, Monday Night Football, or the latest game, a Home Theater System from The Audio Video Pros is an entertainment oasis for the entire family. With one easy-to-use remote, stunning video, engaging audio, and comfortable seating, Great Home Theater can bring your entire family together.

Smart Remotes

Managing today’s complicated audio/video systems using standard “remote controls” can become a bit overwhelming. Simplify your life with a custom designed and programmed handheld control system from The Audio Video Pros. Each control system is tailored to each homeowner’s needs and technical aptitude. When combined with the addition of the RF (radio frequency) base station you can control your audio/video components through walls, behind cabinet doors, even from outside.


The finishing touch for any home entertainment system is the perfect cabinet. Imagination takes form as the initial designers drawings are brought to life by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. The Audio Video Pros take pride in the care and attention to detail built into every peice of cabinetry we produce. As each order received is custom built we place emphasis on the quality, functionality and elegance that reflects your own unique sytle and decore. The only limit is your imagination.

Flat Panel HDTVs

Perplexed by pixels? LCD and plasma screens may look similar, but the underlying technologies are quite different, as are, consequently, their strengths and weaknesses. We will explain the significance of the most meaningful specifications, cut through the chaos of pixel numbers, features, and technical terminology before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on the wrong flat-panel HDTV.

Professional Installation

Not into “do it yourself” installations? Even if you didn’t buy from us, you get time savings and peace of mind that comes with professional installation of your flat-panel HDTV, media room or Home Theater system. Our professional installation service includes the correct wire, cables, mounts, power/surge protection, simple-to-use remote control and any other items needed to make your new HDTV look and perform as it should.

Video Calibration

You finally made the plunge – you bought a new HDTV. After countless hours of research and comparing Model A to Model B, you’re ready to get down to business. So you pop in your favorite DVD, fire up the audio system, adjust the lighting, sit back in your favorite chair, and press play. But something isn’t right. Everyone looks a little sunburned and the “deep blacks” you read about in the magazine review abut your TV don’t look all that deep or black. TVs are adjusted at the factory to produce images that will make them stand out from the competition on harshly lit sales floors. It takes an awfully bright picture to overcome all that light or to be the most noticable. So when you place a brand-new TV in a properly dimmed environment like a home theater, the factory-set picture is going to be off – way off. Our Certified ISF advanced calibration technician will to bring your TV’s performance to the absolute best it can bet. Your TV is the final link in the video chain, so proper calibration is crucial to ensuring that the image you see from a High-definition DVD or broadcast television or Satellite program matches what the producers’ see in the studio. Upon completion of your video calibration, you will simply enjoy the absolute finest picture quality you can get from your HDTV or video projector.

Networking & Communications

Connectivity in today’s homes is essential. A Home Networking and Communications system from The Audio Video Pros will change the way you and your family interacts with the world. The flexibility we provide your telephones, internet access and home networking are almost limitless. Experience the convenience that comes from integrating and managing the way your home communicates. Wired or wireless, surf the web, share computer media, music, files and printers easily. A connected home results in a more peaceful household.

Security Systems

To sleep soundly, you need piece of mind. You need to know that what you value most, your family, is safe and secure. After all, your loved ones are your most precious assets and the addition of a security system to your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Today’s security systems not only protect you from intrusion but also integrates life-safety features that alert you to fire, smoke, excessive heat, carbon monoxide poisoning and water.

Intercom Systems

How does your family communicate? Does yelling up the stairs sound familiar? A ComPoint Intercom system from The Audio Video Pros makes it easy to communicate with your family in a variety of ways. Announce to the entire home that dinner’s ready using the “global” paging feature. When more privacy is required us the room-to-room feature and speak directly to one person. Using the “Do not disturb” mode keeps from accidentally waking a sleeping baby. The “Listen” mode allows you to monitor the goings-on in any room, such as kids’ room, all from on simple-to-use, compact, elegant keypad no larger than a common light switch.